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Stamped Concrete

Stone, cobblestone and brick look great, but really don’t hold up to Ohio weather like stamped concrete – especially since they’re susceptible to moving and shifting due to freezing and thawing. That’s where stamped concrete comes in, built to last with reinforced rods that strengthen your pavement, yet with a beautiful finish that mimics stone or brick.

Additionally, bricks and stones allow for weeds and flowers to grow up through the cracks. Since stamped concrete is made up of smooth, continuous slabs, there aren’t any cracks for weeds to grow through, ensuring an attractive surface with low maintenance.

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Flagstones and pavers look beautiful, but are prone to cracking and shifting due to the unpredictable Ohio weather. That's why these Akron homeowners opted for Vince Gross Concrete to install their stamped concrete walkway and patio, creating an attractive and inviting space in their backyard.

The stamped concrete mimics the appearance of flagstones, but the impression goes only halfway through the poured concrete, ensuring that it will hold up for many years to come.

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