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New Construction – Residential Driveways, Patios, Basement Floors & Garage Floors

For 29 years, contractors and builders have chosen Vince Gross Concrete of Akron, Ohio to plot, grade and pour new residential driveways, patios and garage floors.  Our expert knowledge stands the test of time – a concrete build from Vince Gross ensures that your new construction’s charm lasts for decades without cracking or flooding.

Cracks and Durability

Cracks shouldn’t occur due to the presence of carefully-placed joints. Joints are simply planned cracks in the concrete slabs that allow for movement, such as settling, thawing or freezing, so that the slabs themselves don’t crack.

Vince Gross Concrete will apply a high-quality penetrating sealer to the driveway, patio or walkway to help protect it from moisture, chemicals and stains.